Scars of Love


This is production has be a labor of love. It contains a wide variety of music. We find worship songs on a very personal and intimate level, songs of gratitude to the Lord for His infinite love. The song, “Persecuted, Overtaken” is based on Hebrews 11 and dedicated to those who have suffered for the gospel and been persecuted. “For whom the world is not worthy” is a line in the chorus. Alejandro’s sound is fresh and contagious combining blues, rock, pop and ballad played in his unique maner as is true to his personality. Joining him are Pamela Alonso, Jonathan Amabilis and Josué Puga. This CD is also available in Spanish and titled Cicatrices de Amor, click here to view.


Scars of Love
Everybody Praise the Lord
A Song for You
Persecuted, Overtaken
You Alone
Your Love oh Lord
How Long
Hymn of Hope
Arms of Love
Father in Heaven
To Keep Your Lovely Face

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